About Chew Valley Animal Park

We aim to provide...

Alongside providing an enjoyable and informative day out, we hope to educate and inspire all generations to get involved and learn about wildlife conservation and welfare, sustainability, and the environment. 

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Meet the Team

Gary Hunt

Park Director

The man who started the zoo with only a couple of pygmy goats… Gary has been here since the start, developing the park into what it is today! Gary works almost every hour of every day, to help maintain the park for the animals and to keep the visitors happy!

Favourite species at the park: Pygmy Goats

Lucy Stalker

Zoo Manager

Lucy runs all aspects of the animal section at the park. Her organisation, dedication, and attention to detail helps to keep all the animals happy and in good health.

Favourite species at the park: Skunks

Liv Birdsey

Zoo Keeper

Liv’s dedication and commitment to the animals is very evident. Whether doing it herself or helping to organise others, Liv ensures animals are kept in top conditions and is always eager to do more to maintain their upmost welfare!

Favourite species at the park: Capybara

Paul Thompkinson

Zoo Keeper

Paul’s main interest are reptiles and invertebrates – having his own impressive collection at home! His experience keeping his animals translates well, helping to look after and keep all the animals at the park healthy!

Favourite species at the park: Caiman

Stephen Giles


‘Crocodile Stevo’ is, as you may have guessed, a crocodilian expert! Having travelled the world researching the reptile, Steve now helps to take care of the animals, educate visitors, and leads our research projects and animal training programmes.

Favourite species at the park: Caiman

Fi Willitts


Fi is our newest member of the team with a keen interest in conservation. 

Favourite species at the park: Cockatiels

Chloe Cotteringham

Zoo Keeper

Chloe is an aspiring veterinary surgeon, and plays an important role completing routine animal health checks. 

Favourite species at the park: Coatimundi

Phoebe Peploe

Zoo Keeper

Phoebe is a positive character with a keen interest for ecology! You’ll likely catch her delivering an iconic meerkat talk, giving enrichment to animals, or finding a way to make a customers day!

Favourite species at the park: Meerkat

Liam O'Driscall

Zoo Keeper

Liam has an excellent knowledge of a wide range of animals, always eager to tell you a new animal fact! You will often find him training the macaws or red foxes.  

Favourite species at the park: Macaws

Eleanor Albrow

Zoo Keeper

Eleanor is currently studying zoological management and conservation. She is always keen to get stuck in, often putting forward new ideas to develop the park 

Favourite species at the park: Coatimundi

Miri Blair

Zoo Keeper

Miri is another aspiring vet student who loves getting stuck into the nitty gritty of the job.  You will often find her covered  in mud, but always with a smile on her face.

Favourite species at the park: Guinea Pigs

Katie Greenaway

Volunteer Zoo Keeper

We have an excellent team of volunteers at the park who help keep the animals in tip top condition and assist in a wide range of duties. Katie has been with us the longest and is an excellent addition to the team. Even Daphne the llama likes her!

Favourite species at the park: Red Fox

Ian Humphreys

Park Operative

Ian is an animal-loving and creative member of the operative team, always thinking of new ideas to keep the animals stimulated and happy! If he’s not aiding an operative project, the all-rounder is offering help to all other sections at the park!

Favourite species at the park: Capybaras

Rich Batchelor

Volunteer Operative

Other than Gary, Rich is the longest serving member of the team. You’ll find Rich mowing all the lawns, building enrichment and houses for the animals, and helping the operative team with their busy schedules!

Favourite species at the park: Camels