Anglo Nubian Goats

Capra aegagrus hircus

Species Information

Save some goat food for Buttons, Leroy, and Ronnie! These three boys may live towards the back of the park, but they can spot visitors coming with a bag of food as they enter the café!

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The Anglo-Nubian breed originated in England in the 1800s. They are a cross between the Zariby and Nubian bucks imported from India, Russia, and Egypt, and the Old English Milch Goat.

The long, distinct face, roman nose, and dangling ears are the distinguishing features of this fairly large goat breed. These long ears help them to keep cool, having originated in warmer climates than the UK! The short and silky coats also appear in many variations, adding to the breeds attraction.

These browsers eat a variety of forage, but their diet largely consists of grasses, shrubs, and grains.

10 – 15 years.

If alarmed, a high-pitched sneezing sound is emitted, and they begin stomping a forefoot. They are generally endearing animals, who enjoy to play by jumping on their hind legs to buck one another.

Goats can become sexually mature as early as 6 months of age where males will produce a potent musk-like odour to attract females. Female goats are pregnant between 140-160 days, giving birth once a year during late winter or spring. Twins are common, but triplet births are also occasional.


Goats have horizontal pupils in their eyes that allow them to have a wider range of peripheral vision to watch for predators!