Educational Visits

We are thrilled to welcome back educational visits to Chew Valley Animal Park!

We offer a range of interactive and educational workshops.  From animal handling to developing ecological skills, enrichment making, Bio facts, exotic species show and tell and an interactive guided tour!

We will tailor the workshops to you, covering any current learning topic so the group can have the most engaging and insightful day as possible.  Please get in contact with us via e-mail so we can begin designing your day!

School visit season: September – June

Wildlife Challenges

Learn about some of the challenges that wildlife from the UK and around the world are facing due to anthropogenic pressures.

To get involved with conversations about conservation, come talk to one of our keepers!

Threats to UK Wildlife

Wildlife Farming

Threats to Australian Wildlife

Welcome Wildlife to your Home

European Turtle Dove Conservation

The Importance of Insects for Pollination

How to Care for a Pet Guinea Pig