Health & Safety

For your and our protection, we have implemented some site rules.

Luckily, we are based in a very outdoor and spacious 8-acre area in the countryside, so risk of transmission of COVID-19 or any other illness is low. However, we still do advice that visitors wear face coverings when standing in indoor areas, such as the bar, café, or toilets. There are hand washing and sanitation stations dotted around the park, and our attractions are disinfected regularly and between use in eating areas. We have also implemented a COVID-19 testing system, where all staff test themselves twice weekly.

For your and the animal’s safety and wellbeing, we also please insist that any use in the walk-in paddocks are supervised. Although there will be a member of staff present to monitor these sessions, it is important that animals are treated with respect, so please do not chase or pick up any animals without permission or a member of staff present.

Please do not bring any food into walk-in paddocks, and do not feed the animals anything which has not been purchased specifically for them. The adult goats and sheep can be fed with purchased bags of goat and sheep food, and the chickens and waterfowl only can be fed using the bird seed purchased.