Welcome Wildlife to your Home

By Rob Terrell

Provide Water

By simply leaving out dishes of fresh water, you will be rewarded by native fauna visiting your garden regularly.

You could also provide bird baths to help keep birds hydrated and maintain their feathers.

Build a Pond

Go one step further to provide a home for amphibian species and other water-dwelling creatures.

This can be large and extravagant, or something small and simple, like a washing up bowl with aquatic plants.

Wood Piles

Leaving out decaying wood attracts rare species of native wildlife, including a range of beetles!

Adding leaf litter may also interest hibernating animals, such as toads and hedgehogs.

Bird Feeders

Whether this is hanging or a table, as different birds are attracted to different feeding stations.

Be sure to regularly clean and disinfect them to prevent the transmission of any disease!

Feed Hedgehogs

Offer meal worms, unsalted nuts, cat food (non-fish) or ideally hedgehog food from your local pet store.

Perfect for fattening up to help them raise their baby hoglets or survive hibernation.

Grow Your Lawn

Long grasses offer refuge for many invertebrates as well as allowing wild flowers to bloom!

Similarly, welcome wildlife by allowing hedges to grow.

Bird Boxes

Attract birds to seek refuge within a nest box to rest or even rear their chicks in.

If you are really keen, set up a camera inside to see the birds visiting!

Bat Boxes

Similarly, put up bat boxes where bats can roost.

Or even build or buy a hedgehog home!