Wildlife Farming
By Rob Terrell

Did You Know...

That the arctic foxes at Chew Valley are rescues from the fur farm industry?

Fur farming, alongside wildlife markets and other animal product farming, are ethically questionable trade practices where wild animals are raised and harvested for luxury items. Although this may be culturally acceptable in some places, animals are generally raised in confined housing with poor, unhygienic husbandry techniques and are unable to exhibit natural behaviours. This can also create a reservoir of diseases, with a risk of spillover to humans. This elicits much suffering, meaning these techniques are arguably unjustifiable based on the weight of animal welfare against the human pleasure gained.

Some species more commonly farmed include:
Some species more commonly farmed include:

How You Can Help

Do not buy unnecessary items made with animal products
Sign petitions
Donate to appropriate organisations

For more information and to find out how you can help, ask a keeper during your visit and/or see: